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Search Analysts process for higher rankings

Many companies that spend thousands of dollars every month on external advertising such as television and radio have overlooked one of the best resources available for earning extra business. That of course is being found, unsolicited, on the Internet. Our process for getting you better search position on the Internet is as follows.

We want to know how you're doing on the search engines right now.
We'll run a sophisticated search report for you. You supply the search phrases. You may be surprised where you currently rank.

We'll explain to you how we can improve you position.
You have to understand why you're lagging behind and what steps are necessary to get you into the top echelon.

Once we've acheived satisfactory positions we monitor them and report back to you.
Online reports are issued to you at agreed upon intervals so you can monitor our progress.

How much is the investment?
We offer various plans based upon the number of keywords optimized and monitored. Some of these are monthly flat rate maintenance plans while others are based upon the number of phrases we place within the top search engine hits. Every client has different needs and the cost of each of these will be decided after the inital consultation.